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Your 'Suite' Spot Of Ownership 

Take your career to the next level! We're looking for leaders to help us open brand new, ready-to-go luxury salon suites. 

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What If You Were A Salon Owner?

Imagine just for a minute what your life would be like if...
  • YOU could be as creative as you wanted
  • YOU set the atmosphere and vibe
  • YOU got to choose the best schedule for you and your clients

"My customers love it! They followed me from where I used to work. I love the place.
Aster Tadase, Owner of ASTER DESIGN

"Don't be afraid to take a risk. To have Salon Plaza behind you is the biggest plus. With their support you can be a success.
Eve Pritchard, Owner of FLAWLESS skin care

"Best of all, you never have to ask anyone for permission! When you own your own suite you are your own boss
Debby Gibson, Owner of Hair by Debby

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